24V 1500L/H High Volume Brushless Water Pump – Waterproof + Epoxy Sealed

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Drastically increase the available water volume for your cooling circuit by upgrading to a 24V high volume pump. Recommended for 4+ light cooling circuits, or long distance / multi-floor runs.  Most 4-8 lights systems will require you to TURN DOWN the pump speed to allow for enough heat transfer due to the sheer volume these pumps can put out.

  • 24 Volt Brushless water pump
  • 1400-1500 liters per hour max volume
  • 13-15 meters of lift  (will easily move water between floors in a home)
  • 4 amps / 96 watts power consumption (max)
  • Comes with 2 threaded fittings with barbed ends to fit 1/4 ID PVC hose included with Master Cooling Kit

We always recommend purchasing PUMPS + POWER SUPPLIES in pairs, so that if one ever fails, you are not left scrambling to find a replacement.  Accidents happen and being prepared is key – especially during flowering!

These brushless pumps are high quality, waterproof, epoxy sealed. We have yet to see a single 24V pump fail during regular operation.  Some of the whiteWIDOW team members and our commercial customers have been running these pumps for 4+ years with zero problems!

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