AMNESIA X – Autoflowering – Feminized

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Autoflowering + Feminized.

With a name like Amnesia X you can expect this Sativa dominant hybrid to be potent.  With a THC level around 19-21% – customers report this strain’s hard hitting effects might be a little to strong for the new user.

Its fruity taste and smell is quite enjoyable, especially when used with a vaporizer.

Easily grown inside and out, the plant stays around 80cm and features thick, dense buds.  As with other autoflowering strains, you can expect to harvest in about 75 days.


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3 reviews for AMNESIA X – Autoflowering – Feminized

  1. Ian

    I have had this beauty growing outdoors for about 1 month now here in New Zealand. She has been a awesome plant to grow and so far it is beating every thing in my auto garden. I highly recommend this strain for in an outdoor grow!

  2. Ian ODonnell

    Just wantd to add its now smelling and my gosh what a yummy fruity citrus kinda lolly smell never smelt a plant quite like it its winning in scent easily.

  3. treeman4724

    I grew this twice now even though it’s not my favorite strain (I like more indica) but my friends like it and you never know when you need friends to help you move 🙂 The buds on this strain are incredible, so incredible it was the only buds I showed my neighbor on how I can make my arm disappear. Yield was not to bad at 3-3.5 oz per plant. It’s a sativa all the way so if you like that , go 4 it. Grown outdoor in prepared soil with 10-11 hour direct sunlight using LST method.

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