BLACK DEATH (33% THC!?) – Photoperiod – Feminized (TOP 30% x ULTRA PURPLE) x (TOP 30% x ULTRA PURPLE)

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FLAVOR PROFILE:   EXTREMELY sweet, berries, earthy

THC – CBD:  27-33% THC  –  0.1-1% CBD

FLOWERING TIME:  65-70 days

SATIVA – INDICA: 50% Sativa / 50% Indica

EXPERIENCE:  It messes you up. 🙂

OTHER NOTES:    We are super excited to introduce our new BLACK DEATH strain which is the result of years of back crossing between our famous TOP30% and ULTRA PURPLE lines.

We’ve managed to lock down the crazy black and purple colors of ULTRA PURPLE, and increase the THC to extreme levels!  Typically you can expect all plants to have a minimum of 27%, but our testing shows that plants average 28-31%, with some even going as high as 33% with extra care and attention and harvesting at the perfect time!!!

One additional note to our customers is the seeds are black and are very small… some of the smallest seeds we have ever produced. Every single generation of this plant has produced tiny seeds. We think it has to do with how purple-black the plant gets during seed production.  But the good news is this has ZERO effect on germination or yields.  Please just germinate as per our usual instructions here, and as soon as it sprouts plant them in their final medium and take extra care to not over water until they push through the soil/medium.


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