DARK DEVIL 2 – Autoflowering – Feminized (ADVANCED GROWERS ONLY)

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Autoflowering + Feminized.

Sweet and fruity aroma with hints of incense and delightful citrus / fruity tones.

During flowering, around 80% of the plants acquire purple or reddish tones in the buds and some of them even develop purple leaves too.  In our experience the dark red tones really come out if night time temperatures drop over 10C!

Plants grow with the appearance of Indica-Sativa hybrids with a strong main stem and numerous side branches, finishing with a big main cola and multiple smaller buds on the side branches. Resin production is abundant in the flowers and in their surrounding leaves.  After harvested and dried the buds gain a very dark purple tone, almost looking black.

PLEASE NOTE – These ladies are quite sensitive to nutrients during their EARLY SEEDLING VEG phase.  We recommend going especially light on nitrogen the first 3 weeks, slowly bringing it up, or you may run into strange growth. Also ensure you are providing enough Calcium and Magnesium at all times, and closely monitor your water PH levels.  If you get strange growth, just scale everything back, flush with PHd water, and give it some time. The plant will fix itself.


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5 reviews for DARK DEVIL 2 – Autoflowering – Feminized (ADVANCED GROWERS ONLY)

  1. Carlose Prescott

    This strain was amazing to have in the garden. Her fall colors really came thru late in flower. Her buds were dense and completely purple with red and yellow fan leaves. Definitely wanna run this strain again in the future.

  2. Bennie

    I was not such a fan of this strain. I found it very sensitive to any change. The buds have great smell and taste and a really good high. It just required more attention than other strains that white widow sells and as I don’t have that sort of time free I much rather other strains here. But overall was a good plant grown in DWC and with canna nutes.

  3. Ian

    Growing 2 of these babys still early days but plants growing buetifull and healthy as ever i love it. Im growing her in outdoors summer and shes pumping. It does grow awesome indoors but seems to be adapting to outdoors just fine.

  4. Benoit Bibeau

    I grow one of these lady last summer and I can tell is a pretty good gene. massive main cola,Low maintenance required .. will grow again ! Not strong like a Kush a really good day smoke !! And it’s smell pretty fruitty

  5. Joshua Steiner (verified owner)

    OUTDOOR REVIEW: AMAZING STRAIN!!! I got into about 8in tall or 24 days until it began flowering. It flowered for 8 weeks just because I wanted to push it to its limits as well as LST because getting as much beautiful purple and maroon colored bud as possible is the goal! 😁 After about 84 days I harvested and got 68Gs off of it. Trying an INDOOR NOW! Just ordered some more strains and Dark Devil is always a staple strain I recommend!

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