GORILLA WIDOW – Autoflowering – Feminized

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Autoflowering + Feminized.

Combining 2 of the biggest strains in the industry:  

White Widow X Gorilla Glue #4! 

White Widow has been a staple in the industry for years, and now you can get that amazing strain with some Gorilla Glue attributes including extra sticky buds and hard-hitting euphoric sensations that will have you “glued” to your seat.   If you’re unfamiliar with these 2 strains, please look them up to get an idea of what to expect. 


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4 reviews for GORILLA WIDOW – Autoflowering – Feminized

  1. Carlose Prescott

    If you’re looking for a real knockout this is the strain for you. I was so impressed on how chunky these buds were. And the colors were so mind blowing light green with orange hairs and because I run low temperature at night I was able to get some blues to come out also. Dense rock hard nuggets. Truly a wonder to watch grow. Will be running multiple plants instead of only one next time. I need a huge jar of this. This is a smoke on a special occasion strain. I like to pull this out when I wanna impress someone. They don’t believe me when I tell them I grew this. Great bag appeal

  2. Ian

    Awsome plant havent harvested yet but its growing looking smelling amazing

  3. treeman4724

    WWSB has got to many strains I can check out at once (dam) but I had to try this because I like WhiteW and GorillaG so no brainer. Since I have a variety in buds here I never had a chance to give this stuff a fare try till recently and I like it! A good balance of sativa and indica that works for me and good potency too, wish I knew that before I placed my last order because I would have thrown that in. Yield was around 3-3.25 oz, grown outdoor in prepared soil with 10-11 hours direst sunlight using LST method. Oh Canada!!

  4. Cody Keegan (verified owner)

    I should of bought more.. This strain is impressive it’s short and stocky so train her well to get the most out of it but my god no issues when it comes to nutrients, Deep green super resilient plant, When it starts to flower it gets frosty super quick and buds get pretty big too! What a wonderful cross thanks WWR!!

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