GRAPEFRUIT – Autoflowering – Feminized

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Autoflowering + Feminized.

Featuring a yummy grapefruit/lemon/tangerine flavor profile (with a hint of tropical fruit), this autoflowering strain will be harvest ready in just 9 weeks.   

Our Grapefruit strain is mostly Sativa, and features a THC content of 19-21%.  CBD is low at just 1-2%.  Most users looking for relaxation, increased happiness and a bit of euphoria will enjoy this strain.

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Weight 1 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

5 reviews for GRAPEFRUIT – Autoflowering – Feminized

  1. Castiron Guy

    Without any training, this plant took off in all directions with branches turning up and sprouting massive buds. The main stalk at the top looked like a baseball bat with tight buds. Beautiful smells, and a great yield. I have just harvested, so I have not vaped/smoked this yet. I really can’t wait!

  2. Carlose Prescott

    This Plant has been my heaviest yielding plant. I got just under 3 ounces of this plant. She smelled so sweet like a ripe fruit basket. I was so pleased at how she smoked. I’ve gotten asked by many people what is this were smoking??? Everyone loves her smooth sweet taste

  3. Ben

    Unbelievable smell and a great yield of 160g the plant grew to about 1.2meters tall. From seed to harvest was about 11.5 weeks but could have probably been 2 weeks quicker if I didn’t have some issues in my tent.

  4. Mr. H

    Fantastic yield, growth. Speed was incredible. From seed to bud, I COULD have harvested at 63 days, though I chose to let it go for about 80 altogether. Mostly grown outdoor in a 2gal pot, I finished it inside under the lights. This is a strain that just gets better as it cures. I find this is my get up and get going strain. I often wake and bake with this one, or mix it with an indica midday, depending on how I’m feeling. As couple months of curing, it smells super citrousy. Not sure if I’d peg it as Grapefruit, but definitely smells like something similar. With its speedy growing time, great taste and speedy grow time, this will be ordered again and again.

  5. treeman4724

    Grown this plant for 2 years now and as people have said it does have good yield, best out out most strains I tried from WWSB so far. Good punch to perk you up without couch worries, smokes fine, good potency and I recommend trying this strain if you haven’t already. Had a seed dug up by a squirrel, roots and all with bent stem only 1 week out of ground. Well, the plant obviously is now in shock so I put it in a small pot deep enough so the soil could hold it upright and hoped for at least a good top. Long story short, I should have put it in a bigger pot, had soil PH issues near end of growth but still this plant had the biggest yield of the year for me at 4.5 oz, WTF? Yes, it did grow longer than it should have by 2-3 weeks. Grown outdoor with 11-12 hours direct sunlight . Oh Canada!!

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