GREEN CRACK – Autoflowering – Feminized (SNOOPS FAV!)

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Autoflowering + Feminized.

Another extremely uplifting strain that should be part of any growers seed collection.

A lot of people compare Green Crack to an energy drink.  Energizing with a pleasant citrus taste with effects immediately noticeable.   A strain known for decreasing fatigue, and helping with depression and stress. This strain definitely won’t make you feel tired!

Our version of Green Crack is a combination of two green crack strains we found from different parts of the globe. After some experimentation over the past 2 years we’ve settled on a mostly SATIVA variation we find to be the best and most energetic.

She clocks in at around 17-20% THC.  Not super high THC, but we can assure you, this is the perfect amount for this strain!.

Give her 20 hours of light every day and in about 70 days you can expect this wonderful lady to be ready to go.  (We do recommend curing it for another 3-4 weeks for the best smoke).

Expect her to grow around 75-90cm in height and yields coming in around 100grams per plant when properly cared for.


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