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Autoflowering + Feminized.

A fast flowering INDICA dominant plant, compact in size and with a high THC and low CBD content combines a Hindu Kush and red’ish purple Afghani genetics.

You can expect a sweet, almost fruity smell with this strain.

Matt Black Kush is done in about 8-9 weeks, perfect for the grower looking for speed and efficiency.


PLEASE NOTE – These ladies are quite sensitive to nutrients during their VEG phase.  We recommend going especially light on nitrogen the first 3 weeks, slowly bringing it up, or you may run into strange growth. Also ensure you are providing enough Calcium and Magnesium at all times.  

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Weight 1 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

6 reviews for MATT BLACK KUSH – Autoflowering – Feminized (ADVANCED GROWERS ONLY)

  1. ScottieMedGrow

    Pungent, Dense and ☃️ frosty as f**k. This was one plant I decided not to train but regretted it once I seen the bud structure. I wish I had LST this plant to try and bush her out a lil more. It would’ve definitely improved the yield. I need a restock on this strain ASAP. This is a must have in my garden. I will need to keep this strain to run constantly

  2. batfink

    Pleasantly surprised with this strain. It started as the runt of the litter, but exploded right before flowering. Very sweet scented weed and very smooth.

  3. Leonel Herrera

    This plant is a couple weeks away from done. She is topped at node 6 and i used some LST on her and she responded amazingly. She is huge. She is gonna be my biggest yeild ever. What a plant ???

  4. Joshua Steiner

    INDOOR REVIEW: I used a Bloomspect1200W and a Bloomspect600W this lady began flowering after about 30 days at 8-10 inches tall, I LSTd it and flowered it for 7 weeks just to get more purple and go the extra mile. All in all about 80-100 days from seed to soul and I got 39Gs dry weight off of the 26 inch plant. Turn your temps down at night time especially during flowering and you’ll love the purple and red overtones.

  5. Chris Greenwood (verified owner)

    My plant germinated with mutated leaves and very slow growth. I germinated in a solo cup and planted into a 3 gallon pot after a couple of weeks. I was disappointed at first but after week 4 the plant seemed to straighten out a bit. The buds ended up being a little loose but black and shining full of crystals. The finished look is amazing! And very strong! It definitely puts me to sleep. Overall height was about 26′ and dry weight was 32 g. Curious to try this one again.

    *NOTE FROM whiteWIDOW ADMIN: This strain will do this if over watered or if the soil is to hot. It is a very difficult strain to grow, usually taking a few tries. The Dark Devil strain is just as challenging. Use soil with no extra nutrients for the first 3-4 weeks, and water sparingly to avoid the “mutated” look. 🙂

  6. Mark Wynn (verified owner)

    Finished mine did some lst with it feeding it green planet nutrients an was a quarter shy from 4 ounces love the bake from it definitely a hit for me and friends I share it with did give it a little to many nutrients at one point but bounced back after a few feedings of only water

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