TROPICAL HUBBA BUBBA XXL- Autoflowering – Feminized

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Autoflowering + Feminized.


Remember “bubble tape”?  Those 6 foot rolls of bubble gum?  They are pretty hard to come by these days. But this candy strain is sure to remind you of it!

Sweet, tropical, candy smelling, and pure goodness.  You’ll almost want to eat this plant when its flowering!

This 75% Sativa / 25% Indica lady comes in at about 20% THC and while no a crazy high THC, this is most likely one of the sweetest candy strains we have developed yet. We actually can’t believe how good it smells and tastes.  Definitely NO SKUNK WEED HERE.  (Sorry old timers!)

This lady can get big. Sometimes over 100 cm in height with huge side branches. So give her room if you can. If you are running a small tent, just be prepared to train your plant a little by pulling branches down to the ground and keeping them off the lights. Low stress training is almost always a good thing!

Give her 20 hours of light over 70-80 days, lots of love, a good grow medium and you’ll be rewarded with a chill experience that is perfect for a walk in the park, chilling on the couch, or getting frisky in the bedroom. Just make sure you take your time curing this for 3+ weeks to really bring out the candy profile!


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1 review for TROPICAL HUBBA BUBBA XXL- Autoflowering – Feminized

  1. Gabe Raymond (verified owner)

    Grew two of these plants. Ended up getting huge. Together yielded 290g of trimmed dry buds (indoor). 150g of Larfy buds that didn’t I didn’t want to spend time to trim up but will make edibles. Really nice looking plants to grow, plants took off huge. They get heavy as hell so support them well. Didn’t expect an auto to get so big. Nice buds.

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