ULTRA PURPLE KUSH XXL- Autoflowering – Feminized

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Autoflowering + Feminized.

Blackberry Kush X Pineapple Express

We took 2 amazing strains that have been a staple in the industry for years. Blackberry Kush and Pineapple Express. After narrowing down the largest phenotypes over multiple generations, the end result is an extremely fruity strain (think fruit salad) with XXL yield properties that any grower should add to their collection.

This lady will usually grow around 100cm in height over the course of 75 days and produce thick resinous buds that are absolutely mouth watering.  Expect the THC to come in around 18-23%, and harvest 80-150+ grams of top notch ganja if you use an excellent grow medium and proper nutes.

Drastically drop your evening temps and about 50% of the plants will also take on their parent BlackBerry Kush’s trademark purple colors.

20 hours (max) of light recommend. And a 12 liter pot size (minimum) for good yields.


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