Materials Needed For Seed Germination:  

  • Distilled or bottled water from store ( We do NOT recommend using tap water)
  • Paper towel
  • Plastic container with lid
  • Vinyl gloves or tweezers
  • Small plant pots filled with clean/new soil
  • A spray bottle
  • Hydrogen Peroxide 3%  (Found cheaply at a “dollar” store)


  • At no point – touch the seeds with your hands
  • Pre-clean the container with extremely hot water and dish soap
  • Wear clean gloves, or have a pair of tweezers handy to place seeds
  • Have a place chosen which is dark and 25-27c (81f) in temperature, with no wind drafts.  (In our experience 26-28c (81f) germinates seeds in 48 hours every time. Colder will take considerably longer, hotter could/usually kills the seeds!
  • We HIGHLY recommend gently scratching the seed’s coat with a nail file.  This will allow water into the seed easier!  (All it takes is a light, light, LIGHT scratch.)
  • Pre-water your soil and let it fully drain. Then only 1-2 light spray mists are required once the seed is planted.


  1. Place a sheet of paper towel on bottom of plastic container. Make it fit nicely so it doesn’t climb up the edges.
  2. Using the tweezers, place the seeds on the paper towel – evenly spaced apart so they are not touching each other or the edges.
  3. With another piece of paper towel – cover the seeds.
  4. Warm up 0.5 cup (125ml) of water in microwave to 25-30C
  5. Add 0.5 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to the water.  (This provides extra oxygen to the water, helping to jump start the seed) 
  6. Wet the paper towel and seeds entirely.
  7. Turn plate on its side (vertically) carefully, and let all the excess water drain off for 120 seconds.  At no point should the seeds be “swimming” in water!  
  8. Make sure the seeds have little pockets of air around them – and that the paper towel is NOT fully encompassing them. (Use tweezers to adjust / pull on paper towel if need be)
  9. Place lid on so it’s air tight. It is OK for container to be air tight.
  10. Place in COMPLETE DARKNESS in an area that is 25-28c, and check for signs of a tap root every 24 hours.
  11. Do not expose un-germinated seeds to light, as it will naturally restrict germination if ANY light is detected. They need total darkness – just like they would if they were in the ground!
  12. Once the seed shows germination and a small 2-3mm tap root has sprouted, remove the seed from the paper towel using tweezers. *WARNING* THE TAP ROOT IS EXTREMELY FRAGILE*
  13. Make a small 0.5cm (max) deep hole in the soil, and with the tweezers, GENTLY place the seed’s tail downwards in the soil.  Gently cover the seed with soil. (DO NOT GRAB THE TAIL WITH TWEEZERS)
  14. Mist a small amount of water with spray bottle over soil. Ensure not to over saturate soil, you don’t want mud, or seed will drown.  (The soil should have been pre-wet so that only a few sprays are needed)
  15. Cover pot with clear plastic cling wrap with a few holes poked in (so the soil doesn’t dry up), or cut a clear plastic pop bottle in half – with the spout aimed up. This will help maintain the humidity.
  16. Move it to an area with a room temp of 20-25C (68-81f). Place pot 12 inches (30cms) under any cheap 5-15watt LED or CFL light.  Only a small amount of light is initially required.
  17. Do not place pot in DIRECT sunshine. The seedling will cook.  
  18. If you have a digital thermometer / humidity meter – we recommend putting it inside the pot under the plastic to keep an eye on temps and humidity.
  19. When seed begins pushing through the soil, wait another 48-72 hours before removing plastic wrap. If humidity is very low in your location, leave plastic wrap / bottle on.
  20. Do not let the cling wrap TOUCH the seed. It will kill it. Use toothpicks if needed to hold plastic wrap up high.
  21. Try keep humidity in your growing area at 70% for first 2-3 weeks.
  22. Congratulate yourself.  You’ve now germinated your seeds.  Now that you’ve gotten this far, make sure you don’t over water them!