If you are new to the store or growing seeds in general – here are a few tips to get you started with your purchase:

NERVOUS ABOUT PURCHASING OUTSIDE OF CANADA? Don’t be afraid to order! If you live in a country that considers seeds illegal, we understand you might be nervous to purchase. So we take extra steps to hide all our seeds EXTREMELY well in a unique way. (The seeds are inside micro containers, hidden inside white foam packing peanuts). We actually hide the seeds so well that unless you know where to look you most likely would NEVER FIND THEM. This will GUARANTEE that your seeds are always delivered, never found, and never confiscated. We do not declare seeds on any customs forms. Even if your package is opened the most anyone would ever find is the free stuff we include such as a digital thermometer or ph test strips. Check our Facebook reviews and you’ll see we have many customers around the World that have successfully received their orders in France, Brazil, USA, St. Martin, Mexico, Turkey, China, India, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea and many more places!

EMAIL ADDRESS: Use an encrypted email provider to maximize your privacy. We highly recommend you make a new account with a private email company like www.Protonmail.com and use that new email to place your order. It takes about 2 minutes to make an account and is well worth the EXTRA PRIVACY. Otherwise Gmail works just fine.

PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD: We do not use a built in automatic card processor. Instead, we use SQUARE and send you a separate invoice so that your order does not register on your credit card as a marijuana related purchase. Some countries monitor for marijuana related purchases (USA + others) on credit cards (when traveling across the border) – so by doing it this way, you can ensure total privacy. The only thing that will show up on your credit card is a purchase from “W . W . S . B”. That’s it!

If you are an international customer – please read the section about “USA / INTERNATIONAL CREDIT CARD CUSTOMERS” to ensure you credit card can be processed. The link is here: https://whitewidow.rocks/payment

INDIVIDUAL SEEDS: We sell all seeds individually. This allows you to purchase a wider variety of seeds for the same amount of money.

MINIMUM ORDER: Our stealth shipping method is time consuming to package – which is why we have a $40 CAD minimum order requirement. The seeds can be any combination of strains.

FREE STUFF: Instead of spending money on advertising like other seed banks, we “give away” our advertising budget in the form of free stuff. The more you spend, the more free stuff you’ll get. Check out our current freebies here: https://whitewidow.rocks/free-stuff

PAY WITH BITCOIN: It doesn’t get much more private than this! We like the ELECTRUM “wallet” app for either Android, Windows, or IOS. https://electrum.org – Then all you need to do is look up the nearest Bitcoin ATM here: https://coinatmradar.com + grab some cash and take your Android / Apple phone to the ATM. Give the Bitcoin ATM the cash, it will ask you where you want to RECEIVE the bitcoin, then just hold your phone screen with the photo of your account barcode (provided by the app) to the Bitocin ATM and it will convert it to electronic Bitcoin (BTC) and place it in your “Wallet” account. Then when you place an order with us – you just “SEND” us some bitcoin to make payment. It is really that simple. Get 10% off your entire order with payment by Bitcoin.

GERMINATION GUARANTEE: We guarantee your seeds will germinate if you exactly follow our recommend germination procedure. More information here: https://whitewidow.rocks/guarantee