The entire seed industry is shady as heck. There are so many scams and shady sellers that will take your money and run. Not us! We’re not a fly-by-night seedbank and have been around for years. We pride ourselves on our customer service and have worked hard to ensure our customers around the world are happy. Our global REVIEWS say it all.

We have a dedicated team member (Elise) that monitors FB/IG/emails everyday (*well just about everyday). She is a 27+ year experienced grower (with an insane fully automated water-cooled LED grow room) and can answer just about any question you might have about a strain and our products. So if you have product questions, she is ready to help. Hit her up by email: ww @ whitewidow.rocks – WE NO LONGER DO ANY COMMUNICATION ON FB or INSTAGRAM AS THEY ARE MARIJUANA FRIENDLY! Please email us directly.


Instead of wasting money on advertising we give our advertising budget away in the form of tons of free stuff. The more you spend in the store, the more free stuff you get. From free seeds, Boveda curing packs, LST training clips, and metal one hitters to digital TDS testers and 60x smartphone microscopes – we offer a wide array of awesome free stuff with every seed order. Spending in the $200+ range will even earn you a free Digital Elite dry herb vaporizer. Check out the current freebie listing HERE.


We know that some countries don’t like people importing seeds. So we offer one of the most unique “stealth” shipping methods in the industry to guarantee your order is delivered safe and sound. And we don’t charge you extra for it! How? All seeds are packaged in micro air tight plastic containers (each labeled with the strain), and then each of those micro containers are pushed into foam packing pieces. Protected, hidden from view, and nearly impossible to detect.

Everything ships from CANADA and we have ZERO problems with deliveries anywhere in the world due to our stealth shipping.



Our stealth shipping is so effective that we 100% guarantee delivery! If for some reason your order is not delivered, we’ll reship another order out for free. Just make sure you use a shipping option that comes with tracking to take advantage of our delivery guarantee.


You probably noticed that we keep things simple around here. We don’t waste money on a super fancy website, advertising, snazzy packaging, and other things that drive prices up. Simple is better and allows us to keep prices down for our customers!


Most seed companies won’t accept credit cards. Why?? Because they are shady and know that customers will simply file a charge back if their order doesn’t arrive or their seeds are garbage. We are an honest seed company that stands behind our product. Accepting credit cards means we are 100% sure our customers will love our products.


We guarantee germination because we are confident of the quality of our seeds. We dry all our seeds down to 5% humidity and then cold store them with silica desiccant to maximize their lifespan. This greatly reduces natural “duds” and germination problems. We even ship each seed with silica desiccant in air tight containers so that they arrive perfectly preserved. So if a seed fails to sprout and you have followed our germination instructions (HERE) perfectly, then all you need to do is drop us a line with DETAILS and PICS, and we’ll credit you for that seed.


No one likes waiting weeks for their order to get processed, so our shipping team works hard to stay on top of orders! When you place an order we typically have your order wrapped and shipped within 48-72 hours. The only time we get outside of 72 hours is during major sales, promotions, and holidays. But we usually bring in extra staff to ensure orders are still sent out in a timely manner. (Everyone likes to buy seeds on holidays – especially 4/20 – for some reason 😉 😉 so… just give us an extra day or two).


We only sell what we have in stock. That means if you can purchase it in the store, it means it’s available to ship immediately. We also don’t substitute your seeds, ever. If you order something, that’s what we’ll ship!


Most seedbanks these days don’t actually produce their own seeds. Did you know that? They instead purchase cheap, generic, “white label” seeds from a supplier and simply brand them as their own. What’s the big deal with that? The problem is that those suppliers are usually drawing on genetics from 10-20 years ago, and probably have considerably lower advertised THC and CBD levels. They also don’t offer the same yields that new genetics offer. This is especially prevalent with AUTOFLOWERING strains and extremely high THC strains, 25% or more. Plus those seeds are most likely old and have been improperly dried/ stored / shipped (resulting in lower germination rates).

We run a large facility in Spain where all our strains are created and produced. So unless you are purchasing a strain that we brought in from DUTCH PASSION, BARNEYS FARM, etc, you can be assured that our seeds are going to be top notch and offer some of the highest yields, THC and CBD rates in the industry. Again, our reviews say it all.

whiteWIDOW Seed Bank