We’re a group of growers (86+ years combined experience) that got together years ago to form the whiteWIDOW Seed Bank. We simply got sick of paying ridiculous prices for seeds overseas, paying an arm-and-a-leg to sneak them into Canada (usually getting them confiscated), only to receive a green and under developed, worthless seed. Now with Canada, the USA, and parts of the World legalizing marijuana – we decided it was time to form a seed bank that addressed all these industry issues:  

  • Excessive Prices
  • Terrible Customer Service
  • No Germination Guarantee
  • Sketchy Shipping Practices

The goal of the whiteWIDOW Seed Bank is to easily get FRESH seeds in your hands and to ensure they ACTUALLY GROW.  If they don’t grow – we’ll credit you for some new ones – for FREE.  

You’ll quickly notice that we’re not some mega seed bank selling 1000 different strains (or 20 different versions of the same strain).  Instead, we’ve decided to keep it simple. We provide our customers a select assortment of what we consider some of the best strains in the industry. These are tried, tested, and true strains that we know and love. Strains we have been personally growing for years.  Some are based off of Cannabis Cup winners, some tasty dessert strains (perfect for vaping), and some are just melt-into-the-couch awesomeness!

You’ll also notice we don’t have a super fancy website.  We also don’t bother with excessive packaging.  All this helps keep costs down so that we can offer you some of the best prices in the World on feminized seeds.   

If you are looking for a seed bank that offers great prices, will return your emails, has great and real REVIEWS (click to read) and guarantees your seeds will germinate… give us a try!  

We appreciate you taking the time to read this. Make sure and put the word “awesome” in the cart notes when you check out. We’ll throw in an extra free seed just for being an awesome customer! 🙂 

– Team whiteWIDOW