We pride ourselves on the quality of our seeds.  Unlike all other seed banks which stock hundreds, sometimes even THOUSANDS of different strains, we have chosen to focus on a small amount of the most mainstream, interesting, and exploratory strains.  Stocking smaller quantities ensures faster turnovers, and that all seeds are always FRESH (less than 6 months old). Freshness is guaranteed, so much so that we’ll replace any seed that doesn’t germinate. (Replacement seeds are shipped with your next order.  This also does not apply to any FREE seeds).

In our experience seeds do not germinate because of damage during shipment, extreme temperature fluctuations, improper handling, and the wrong germination techniques (usually the latter).  Usually first time growers drown their seeds buy over-watering them.  (It happens, we’ve all been there!)  However, some seeds are also simply “duds”.  This is rare and usually only occurs in about 1 out of 50 seeds in our growing experience.  So if you have a high percentage of seeds not germinating, your water/temperature/PH/technique is definitely not correct.  

To take advantage of our replacement guarantee, you must follow (and prove you followed) our germination technique as listed HERE.  Eligibility for the guarantee is only available for 30 days after purchase, or 60-90 days if you are regular customer.