We understand seeds and pride ourselves on the quality and exceptional germination rates of our seeds.  (READ THE REVIEWS HERE).  Unlike all other seed banks which stock hundreds, sometimes even THOUSANDS of different strains, we have chosen to focus on a small amount of the most mainstream, interesting, and exploratory strains. By maintaining a smaller catalog and lower volumes of seeds we can fully ensure freshness. Actually, we guarantee freshness so much so that we’ll replace any seed that doesn’t germinate. (Just shoot us a message if you run into any problems and we’ll happily send a free replacement with your next order.)

All our seeds arrive immediately after harvest from our partner breeder (Dark Empire Seeds) in Spain, and are sorted for size, color, and age (PURCHASE B-GRADES HERE), and then processed through a final drying stage to reduce the humidity from 20-30% down to just 5%. (This ensures MAXIMUM germination rates). We then cold store all our bulk seeds at 2-4 Celsius. As demand requires we pull small quantities from cold storage and package them into their final air tight, sealed, micro containers (with a small piece of silica desiccant added to each container). These packaged seeds are then returned to cold storage until a sale is completed. This ENSURES you are always getting the freshest and most viable seeds that money can buy!

In our experience seeds do not germinate because of damage during shipment, extreme temperature fluctuations (seeds sitting in hot mail boxes), improper handling, and the wrong germination techniques (usually the latter).  Usually first time growers drown their seeds buy over-watering them, (It happens, we’ve all been there!) or they are not germinating at proper temps (24-28C).  However, some A-Grade seeds are also simply “duds”.  While this is rare and we have no control over Nature, it usually only occurs in about 1 of 75-80 seeds in our growing experience.  So if you have a high percentage of seeds not germinating, your water/temperature/PH/technique is definitely not correct.  

To take advantage of our replacement guarantee, you must follow (and prove you followed) our germination technique as listed HERE. Eligibility for the guarantee is only available for 30 days after purchase, or 60-90 days if you are regular customer.

Free seeds are not eligible for this guarantee. (If you purchase 3 seeds and get 1 free