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Looking to make your own super soil?  Want to grow purely organic?

Red Wigglers produce some of the BEST soil for growing marijuana.  This is because of how the worms break down table scraps into AMAZING nutrients for your plants.  Throw in your food waste (fruits, vegetables, egg shells, bread, etc) and watch these worms devour it in just days!

We find for a single autoflowering plant in a 10 Liter pot mixed with 500-1000ml of the super soil is all you need.  With that amount combined with a decent dark soil and coconut coir, and you probably won’t need to add any extra nutrients for the entire grow cycle!

We ship a 1 liter plastic container of super soil with approximately 150-250 worms of different ages and sizes, more than enough to get you started.  As soon as you make them a good home (recommend researching on Google – but all it really takes is a tote/bin and some newspaper or grass clippings), they will breed like crazy and their numbers will double every few months!

A small 50-100L tote/bin is 100% suitable for indoors – if you don’t overfeed, don’t give them meat scraps (flies really like meat), and always bury the food scraps.  There is no smell if a lid is used (air holes are required).

These can only ship once evening temps are not in the negatives – so they don’t freeze in transit.  Please inquire for rates to your CANADIAN location if you want these shipped by courier instead .    (Sorry no international shipping).

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