We accept the following payments:

E-Transfer:  Canadians are welcome to pay by E-Transfer for their order.  We would greatly appreciate it if you paid by E-transfer. Once you place your order, the store will automatically send you an email with our E-transfer details. Please watch for that email (Inbox/Junk/Spam) and make payment within 24 hours to ensure your order is not cancelled.

Credit Card:  We do NOT use the store’s built in credit card processor.  Instead, after you place your order we will send you a separate GENERIC electronic invoice (from another mainstream credit card processor) which you can easily pay with your personal or pre-paid credit card.  We do this because the built in processor would directly reference what you are purchasing and no one wants marijuana purchase details on their credit card statement. 

We do NOT directly process your credit card, and refuse to directly manage your private credit card information. We can only send you an invoice from our credit card provider. We leave the processing and management of your personal information and card information to the credit card processor. The secondary invoice we send you will list your entire order as “Please see previous invoice for details”.  That is it!   This guarantees your privacy!

USA / INTERNATIONAL CREDIT CARD CUSTOMERS: Nearly all credit card companies monitor fraud. If you do not regularly purchase items from Canada, there is a good chance you will need to call your credit card company before they will process the transaction. This is a standard industry practice to ensure that YOU, the card owner, are the one making the purchase.

First, try and pay the invoice we send. If all your information is 100% correct (billing address, zip code, etc) and it does not complete, then your credit card company is most likely waiting for a confirmation call from you. Call the phone number on the back of your card, tell them you are making a purchase from Canada, and that you approve the transaction. They will verify that you are the card holder and then will allow the transaction to proceed when you try paying again. Remember, our store shows all prices in CANADIAN ($CAD) funds. Your invoice will likely be converted to your local currency (USD, EUR, GBP) so it will be different amount. Some credit card companies charge an additional 1-5% fee for international transactions – so also keep that in mind.

Pre-Paid credit cards can be purchased at any gas station, convenience store, or grocery store for a one time $4-7 fee.  Using a pre-paid card offers an additional level of privacy – especially for international customers. Please be aware that some pre-paid credit cards require you to assign a billing/shipping address before you can fully use them for online purchases.  This is accomplished by easily logging into their website and simply registering the card.   

Bitcoin:  We only accept Bitcoin (BTC) payments.  If you wish to pay by Bitcoin – place your order and send your payment to the BTC address that follows in the order confirmation email. Bitcoin orders get a 10% discount automatically deducted from their balance during checkout.

Cash On Delivery (COD): This service is no longer available. Please use a PREPAID credit card instead – available from most gas stations, grocery stores and convenience stores.