This is a shout out to those customers that straight up scammed us out of product, money, or both.  You made the cut through some level of a SCAM, FRAUD or EXTORTION. Congrats – we hope it was worth it! 
Depending on what you pulled, you can expect the police and/or your credit card company will also be coming after you for your actions.  We don’t screw around.
You can also be rest assured that your NAME and personal information is also now indexed by Google / Microsoft Bing (and other search engines), and now comes up when someone searches it.  We’ll also be posting this in our social media channels to help your friends, family, future partners, and employers know you are a CON ARTIST.    

CONGRATS again for making the list and welcome to the wall!

Carlos Rivera
1914 Lantern Lane
Oreland, PA
19075 – USA


Daniel Vandeplas
32 Concord Boulevard
Shawnee, OK
74804 – USA     


Dominic Laforge
2240 Prospect Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario 
K1H 7G3 – Canada