All orders are shipped discreetly in plain packaging.  All orders are shipped with another inconspicuous item for FREE.  Shipping envelopes and boxes never indicate the seed contents.  

Unlike other seed banks that ship their seeds loose in plastic zip lock bags, we go 2 steps further by packaging our seeds in air tight sealed micro containers to protect them from damage. We also add silica desiccant to ensure your seeds stay at their low 5% humidity throughout storage. (Maximizes germination rates after storage)

The sealed containers are pushed into foam packing peanuts, effectively keeping them out of view during shipping and international border+customs inspection.  The seeds are well hidden and protected.  It is extremely rare that the seeds are found – about 1 in 1000 orders.  If your seeds are found and confiscated, we will re-ship your order for free (with adequate proof they were confiscated).

All orders typically ship within 24-72 hours. We strive to ship next day, but holidays and special promotions can add an extra day or two to shipping times.

Please ensure your address is correct.  We can not recover parcels with address errors and we do not provide refunds.


General Lettermail – $3.99 CDN flat rate – Typically 5-10 business days.

(Lettermail does not provide tracking.  If you chose to use this service we have no way to verify delivery. You must assume all risks with Canadapost losing your order.  (It is rare but it does happen).  We will not re-ship if your lettermail order is lost – simply due to the amount of fraud/scams in the marketplace by customers “claiming” their lettermail orders were not received.  We highly recommend you purchase Expedited Express or Xpresspost shipping for tracking and guaranteed delivery.

The store will automatically provide exact shipping rates for these shipping services – after you input your shipping address:

Expedited Express (with tracking) – Typically 3-7 business days.

XpressPost (with tracking) – Typically 2-4 business days.


Small Packet Express (with tracking)– $9.99 CDN Flat Rate – Typically 5-10 business days.  (NEW LOWER PRICE!)

Xpresspost  (with tracking) – $35 CDN flat rate – Typically 3-7 business days.  (Contact us to use this service)


Small Packet Express (with tracking)– $24.99 CDN Flat Rate – Typically 10 business days.  (This is the cheapest we can ship a tracked parcel with a respectable arrival time and WITHOUT incurring duty/brokerage fees, or being held up for weeks/months by customs).

If you are a return customer – we can offer you a the option of having your order shipped by SMALL PACKET EXPRESS WITHOUT TRACKING for $12.99.


International shipments are dependent of the country. The store will automatically provide shipping quotes based on your address.