B-GRADE SEEDS (25PCS) – Photoperiod – Feminized

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Photoperiod + Feminized.

When fresh bulk stock arrives from Dark Empire Seeds (Spain), they need to have certain attributes before we will retail them.  We sort and categorize all seeds based on maturity, color, and markings.

Even though some strains have predominantly light colored seeds, lighter colored seeds are typically not wanted by consumers.  However, we have found that 50-75% of seeds which are lighter colored will still germinate, especially if they have their “tiger stripes”.

For $39.99 – you get 25 seeds.  For the price of this lot, if even just 6 of the 25 seeds germinate, you are considerably ahead of regular retail prices.

We do not send broken seeds. We do not ship green seeds. We only ship smaller seeds and lighter colored seeds (some with tiger stripes, some without).


We will usually ship an assortment. Each strain receives their own micro plastic container. Seeds are not mixed. If you have strain preferences, please detail your favorites (in the ORDER NOTES during checkout) and we will try and accommodate.

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