PINEAPPLE AK47- Autoflowering – Feminized

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Autoflowering + Feminized.

Whats better than Pineapple Express?  How about our new Pineapple AK47 which combines Pineapple Express with old school AK47 to produce a hard hitting autoflowering lady coming in at 23-28% THC.

She’ll feature an amazing pineapple, lemon, and juicy fruit gum flavors, (with a bit of earthiness) and is definitely worthy of curing properly.  Users report a happy, euphoric high perfect for conversation and those that like a little extra intimacy with their partner.

Expect this Sativa dominant lady to go no higher than 100cm in height and take about 65-75 days to complete. Give her 20 hours of light and she’ll reward you with excellent yields, which are especially good for making resins.

For experienced growers – LST (low stress training) works great on her. We do not recommend topping her.  Watch your humidity levels in the last 2 weeks of flowering, as these buds can get thick!

** These seeds are naturally small. This does NOT affect germination rates or plant size. Please be sure to plant the seed in its grow medium as soon as germination begins.


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Weight 1 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

2 reviews for PINEAPPLE AK47- Autoflowering – Feminized

  1. budbuddythc (verified owner)

    A sweet pungent pineapple smell that you can recognize easily from across the room. One of the rare strains that taste exactly how it smelms when smoked. The colours on it where amazing, a bit of foxtails on this strain so be careful with temps in the tent

  2. ScottieMedGrow (verified owner)

    This was a unique one. I planted the seed and 2 sprouts emerged. This turned out to be my plant. The bud structure was very stacked and dense. Buds like pineapple rocks. Very pungent. If you like the fruity flavors this is a must have. Careful on the inhale very strong punch. Love this one guys

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