We are always interested in supporting the marijuana community and have streamlined the process for applying for free product, gifts, and giveaways.

We will start you off with a special discount code for your group. This will not only give all your members a discount, but also AUTOMATICALLY give you a $7 CAD commission for each order. This commission money will be placed into your www.whiteWIDOW.rocks store account which can then be for personal use or for purchasing extra product for giveaways/promotions. You can even give away the store commission VIA a unique transferable coupon code.

We will typically give new groups a few $25 CAD coupons to be used as an introductory giveaway on your group page. Please request this if you would like a few for giveaways/promotions.

We will offer all admins a special discount if they are interested in growing some of our genetics themselves. Please just mention this during account setup.

Please email your request and information directly to ww @ whitewidow.rocks
Group name: The name of your group here
Direct web link to group: www.facebook.com/yourgroupnamehere
Main Admin Name and direct email: John Doe – [email protected], Jane Doe – [email protected]