Automatic Moisture Sensor With Alarm + Night mode

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This little device pushes into your SOIL and after programming will emit short little beeps (only as loud as a cricket) when water is needed.

Has a built in light sensor to detect when dark – ensuring the beeps do not go off at night. Device blinks a red light instead of chirping at night.

Uses one CR2032 battery – found cheaply at any dollar store.

Does not come with battery.


1) Let the soil in your pot dry to a level which would require more watering. (Soil that is 75% dry is a good point)
2) Insert battery “+” side up. Device should beep.
3) Push device about 3 inches into soil (slightly deeper than line marked on device)
4) Make sure soil is tight against device. Slightly pack if needed so that it has a good connection to soil.
5) Push the button on device to set the “DRY POINT” for which the device will begin beeping at. Do not move/wiggle device while doing this. Device should beep again.
6) Device is now ready to go.
7) If device chirps later on when soil is still quite wet, you may need to reset the “DRY POINT” again, or try pulling the device out of soil 0.5 inch.

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Dimensions 10 × 1 × 1 cm


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