SMART WIFI / 4G Remote Power Control + Humidity / Temperature Monitoring

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The whiteWIDOW team has been using these ever since they became available.  The main difference between these and other “smart” controllers is that this also has a TEMPERATURE + HUMIDITY SENSOR. These are WONDERFUL for ensuring your tents never overheat and humidity stays in range.  Activate an extra exhaust fan if the humidity gets to high, or program one to turn the lights off in an emergency if your grow tent gets to hot (saving your plants!).  We have even used them to remotely and automatically water our plants by plugging in a little pump and drip system.  We also use these to remotely control and monitor the temperature of our water cooled grow lights!

By far the most ECONOMICAL way to remotely control and monitor your fans, humidifiers, lights, pumps and more!  Simply plug this into any standard 120V 15A outlet, download and install the FREE android/apple app, connect the app to the controller, and you can now do the following tasks by wifi or cellular 4G/LTE (if you have a cellular data plan):

  • Monitor REALTIME tent / grow area temperature
  • Monitor REALTIME tent / grow area humidity
  • Turn any 120V 15A device plugged into the controller on / off  (humidifiers, dehumidifiers, exhaust fans, lights, pumps, just about ANYTHING)
  • Turn the controller into an on/off timer (Timer control/Loop timer control/Countdown timer)
  • Program the controller to AUTOMATICALLY turn on/off at specific temperatures or humidity ranges
  • Manually turn on/off anytime
  • Share control / humidity/ temperature readings with 1 other user

These devices are also compatible with (IF-THIS-THEN-THAT).  This means if you setup an account, link the device, and program it to turn it on / off based on certain temperature or humidity thresholds – when it activates – you can receive a notification within seconds.  (Great for knowing if a tent is getting to hot, or has exceeded humidity thresholds while you are away!)

Each unit comes with 1 controller, 1 humidity/temperature sensor (2 foot long cable), paper instructions.

We highly recommend purchasing a 10 foot extension cord for the sensor unless you will be positioning the controller near the sensor. You can purchase that HERE.

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