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FLAVOR PROFILE: Sweet, Citrusy, Earthy

THC – CBD:  18-20% THC

FLOWERING TIME:  65-70 days

SATIVA – INDICA: Sativa: 10%  Indica: 90%

EXPERIENCE:  Relaxing, Creative, Chill

OTHER NOTES:  This is one of the craziest strains around, and hard to come by.

With a completely new morphology, Freakshow simply has to be experienced to believe. California breeder “Shapeshifter” spent years selecting for oddities as a personal challenge. As he says, “After 40 years, normalcy starts to get a little monotonous.”  We hope you enjoy this wonderful, terpene-rich, beautiful plant!

Check out a video of this strain here:

This is a strain you can grow in your front yard and NO ONE would ever know its a weed plant.  This strain is right up there with AUSTRALIAN BASTARD CANNABIS and STEALTH FIGHTER.

**** Please note, these seeds are very very light colored – almost white. Sometimes they have a hint of green to them – almost looking immature.  This is normal and due to their genetic mutation. Please also keep in mind that occasionally (rarely) some plants exhibit lighter mutations. This is also normal due to the nature of the mutation. If you end up getting a plant that does not showcase any of the Freakshow genes, we will happily provide a free replacement – with photo proof.


Please click HERE for information about our GERMINATION GUARANTEE.  Please be aware that you must follow our GERMINATION INSTRUCTIONS (HERE) exactly to be eligible.  It is the quickest and easiest way we can verify germination, also having the highest germination rates out of all methods.

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1 review for FREAKSHOW – Photoperiod – Regular

  1. hmpstrmcgrn (verified owner)

    All of them popped. 2 males 1 female. High germination rate.

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