STEALTH FIGHTER – Photoperiod – Feminized (EXPERIMENTAL)

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Photoperiod + Feminized.

Want to grow outdoors and stay low key?

Our STEALTH FIGHTER features strange looking leaves that do not resemble a regular marijuana plant, perfect for growers looking to keep a low profile.

Bred from Dutch Passion’s original Duck Foot strain which had a strange natural leaf deformity, we’ve crossed and begun stabilizing it with an additional red-purple strain to further enhance its STEALTH characteristics.

When grown outside where temperatures typically drop 15+ degrees at night, her flower, stems and leaves will usually turn an atypical shade of red-purple.   Passing by you would think it’s a flower or strange exotic plant!

She’s also stealthy on the smell side – barely noticeable throughout the entire veg phase and a large part of the flowering phase.

We recommend a 4-5 week veg period. Expect her to take about 60 days to finishing flowering once she starts.

Her mostly Indica profile coming in at 20% THC provides a relaxing experience, perfect for the afternoon or evening.

Please note that this is an experimental strain. Some phenotypes are more drastic than others. Typically 75% or more will look like the strain photos. However, some will veer more towards / look like a traditional plant. Please take this into consideration.


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1 review for STEALTH FIGHTER – Photoperiod – Feminized (EXPERIMENTAL)

  1. Tom Coughlin (verified owner)

    So far so good. They are about 7 feet tall growing well in New Hampshire, USA.

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