LEMONADE – Autoflowering – Feminized – (EXPERIMENTAL!)

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Autoflowering + Feminized.

Dark Empire Seeds (Spain) was kind enough to (exclusively) share a small amount of seeds while they finish locking down this new strain.  While still a work in process, this strain combines WHITE WIDOW with LEMON DROP attributes for something new and unique. We recommend you look up those 2 strains to get an idea of what to expect.

If you like living on the edge, then we recommend trying this strain and few other experimental strains Dark Empire Seeds is currently testing.


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2 reviews for LEMONADE – Autoflowering – Feminized – (EXPERIMENTAL!)

  1. Cory

    Far and away my biggest producer thus far. When trained and given a good environment you can expect 60 grams or more. My first try with this one was 72 Grams. Nugs are fat and dense ?? Did run into PH issues causing deficiencies so keep it between 6.3 & 6.8 (soil) and you should be good. Check out pictures of my WhiteWidow Seedbank grows on Instagram @chasin.flaves ✌?

  2. zackdippolito

    This strain gave me dense citrusy nugs. Very potent and easy to grow. If you like citrus. This is for you. Iv cured for 1 month and its smokes smooth.

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