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We pieced together a straightforward kit from high performance parts.  This kit has everything required to get your water cooled LED grow light up and running in no time! 

  • 1 – 480mm Radiator / Heat Exchanger
  • 4 – 120mm high CFM fans
  • 25’ – 1/4 inch ID PVC tubing
  • 1 – 24V Brushless water pump (high volume)
  • 1 – Variable 0-12V power supply (adjust the speed of fans)
  • 1 – Variable 0-24V power supply (adjust the speed of pump)
  • 1 – Water reservoir with special in / out pressure relief valves
  • Various plastic / metal fittings to connect all PVC tubing (dependent on QTY of LED lights purchased)


  • This is the upgraded 24volt kit. (Photo does not show 24V pump or 24v power supply)
  • This kit will easily provide enough water for 12 Lights.
  • 24V pump will offer long distance and high head VS 12v systems.
  • We recommend 1 radiator per 4 lights, however, the fans will be required to be run at 100% speed and will be considerably louder.
  • HOSE CLAMPS ARE REQUIRED for 24v systems due to increased line pressure.



– Measure your grow area and the path of the water lines to determine the potential PVC tubing requirements.  25 Feet is typically enough for a single-double grow light in a 2X2 or 3X3 grow area.

– Heat a glass of water up and dip the ends to make the PVC tubing easier to apply onto fittings.

– We recommend having the WATER PUMP and RESERVOIR on top of the grow box or elevated in the grow area – to reduce power consumption and increase pumping capacity.   

– We recommend having the RADIATOR near the ground – where the ambient temperature is typically a few degrees cooler.  

– If you are going for a truly SILENT system, purchase additional RADIATORS + FANS to minimize fan noise. The more radiator surface area – the less CFM of air that needs to be passed for cooling. A dual/triple radiator setup with 4 lights is almost totally silent.

– Purchase a second water pump for a backup in case of a random/accidental failure.  While we have never had a pump fail, if one did fail, your lighting schedule could be badly affected while scrambling to find another replacement locally.  $20 is cheap investment to ensure your lights never go off! 


** We are constantly refining and upgrading parts to work better. Your kit may come with more or less parts depending on your application or lights purchased.


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