Mi5 – Autoflowering – Feminized (DWARF – SHORTSTUFF SEEDS)

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Autoflowering + Feminized.

Mi5 from SHORT STUFF SEEDS delivers a knock out stone and a wonderful pungent aroma with hash-like overtones.

“Mi5 stands for My Indoor number 5 which is the result of 5 generations of breeding and selection of an auto AK47 strain. The 5th cross was selected and is the final result of this hard work. Number 5 is very resinous plant, quite tall for an AK 47 plant cross, for 50 to 110 cm tall. This plant has a very purple Afghani bred into it so outside will go a lovely rich shade of purple”.

Mi5 is definitely Indica dominant but there is enough sativa in there to avoid a total couchlock effect. It will go from seed to bud in around 70 days.  Mi5 generally produces one mega main cola with super compact flowers as well as good side branching. 1 oz per plant is easy and with a bit of TLC 2 oz per plant can be realistically achieved!

This strain is wonderful for growers with very small grow spaces

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4 reviews for Mi5 – Autoflowering – Feminized (DWARF – SHORTSTUFF SEEDS)

  1. Carlose Prescott

    I gave this strain 4 stars only because I’m not a fan of citrus/orange/pine tasting strains and this happen to be one of them. Anything with that flavor profile is always a no go on my behalf. So if you like the pinene or limonene flavor profiles, then this is the strain for you. She had a very tight bud structure with golf ball size nugs and smelled like a bowl of mandarins. Very strong ? smell and taste.

  2. Ian

    Nice fruity kinda piney smell but still not harvested but growing amazing

  3. Joshua Steiner

    INDOOR REVIEW: I used a Bloomspect1200W and a Bloomspect600W and this lady started flowering after about 25 days at 10in tall. After lowering temps to 55°F the purple fall colors really set in after about week 2 of flower. She finished after 121 days at 31in tall and I harvested 33Gs dry weight off her. Would recommend.

  4. BudGuy (verified owner)

    Ended up being a short plant with one main cola, typical of indicas. Smaller yield. Clear-headed. Smelled like cola when cured.

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